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Advanced O&P Solutions is here to help your practice thrive. We provide a wide range of services to the orthotics and prosthetics industry. Browse through the list of services we have below, and find one that will work for you and your patient. When you've found what you're looking for, visit the forms page and request a custom device today.

Orthotic Custom Fabrications

Advanced O&P Solutions can create a wide range of customized orthoses. Find the one you're looking for today by perusing through the list below:

Lower Extremity Devices
Our lower extremity devices include:

  • AFO
  • Ground Reaction AFO
  • Articulated AFO
  • Low Profile AFO
  • Laminated AFO
  • SMO
  • UCBL
  • Laminated Lower Extremity OX

Knee Orthotics
We provide the following knee orthoses:

  • KAFO
  • KO
  • Stance Control MKAFO
  • Knee Immobilizer
  • Laminated Knee Orthosis

Upper Extremity Orthotics
The upper extremity orthoses at Advanced O&P Solutions include:

  • WHO
  • EO No Joints
  • WHFO
  • EO
  • Laminated Upper OX

Metal and Leather Orthotics
The following metal and leather orthotics are offered by Advanced O&P Solutions:

  • Metal AFO
  • Metal KAFO
  • Leather Thigh and Calf Lacers
  • Clinical Trial AFO
  • Clinical Trial KAFO

Spinal Orthotics
You can find the following spinal orthotic services from Advanced O&P Solutions:

  • Bi-valve TLSO
  • Bi-valve LSO
  • Thermo Form Lyon
  • Milwaukee Style
  • Rosenberger Style
  • CTLSO 1 Piece
  • CTLSO Milwaukee

Shoe Modifications
We make the following shoe modifications at Advanced O&P Solutions:

  • Lifts
  • Flares
  • Wedge
  • Resole
  • Shoe Transfers
  • Velcro Closures
  • Speed Lacers
  • Rockers

Advanced O&P Solutions make the following pedorthic devices:

  • Partial Foot

Prosthetic Custom Fabrications

The technicians at Advanced O&P Solutions can create a wide range of different prostheses. You're sure to find the one your patient needs from the list below: 

Lower extremity prosthetics
The technicians at Advanced O&P Solutions create the following prosthetic devices:

  • Test Sockets
  • NU Flex Socket
  • Transtibial Endo Socket
  • Transtibial Exo Socket
  • Transfemoral Endo Socket
  • Transfemoral Exo Socket
  • Symes
  • PFFD
  • Knee Disarticulation
  • Hip Disarticulation
  • Hemipelvectomy

Upper extremity prosthetics 
Advanced O&P Solutions provides the following upper extremity fabrications:

  • Test Sockets
  • Transradial Standard Socket
  • Transhumeral Standard Socket 
  • Wrist Disartic
  • Elbow Disartic
  • MYO Upper Extremity Prosthetics

Partial foot prosthetics
We make the following partial foot prostheses at Advanced O&P Solutions:

  • Partial Foot Prosthosis

To request any of the above custom fabrications to be made, please visit out forms page.



Other Products

The K-Chafe was developed for the Hemiplegic patient. It includes a plastic stop in the Chafe that allows a metal D-Ring to lock in a 90-degree position. This makes it extremely helpful to patients with limited dexterity.

K-Chafe - 3 Colors
K-Chafe - Side View
  • K1W- 1 inch white Chafe
  • K1.5W- 1.5 inch white Chafe
  • K2W- 2 inch white Chafe
  • K1B- 1 inch black Chafe
  • K1.5B- 1.5 inch black Chafe
  • K2B- 2 inch black Chafe
  • K1T- 1 inch tan Chafe
  • K1.5T- 1.5 inch tan Chafe
  • K2T- 2 inch tan Chafe