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Welcome to Advanced O&P Solutions

Welcome to Advanced O&P Solutions! The AOPS Team is focused on delivering quality solutions with a creative approach utilizing technology to serve your patients. Visit our products and services page to learn more about our work, or our forms page to request a custom fabrication.

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    Orthotics at Advanced O&P Solutions

    We specialize in a range of orthoses, including lower extremity orthotics, knee orthotics, upper extremity orthotics, metal and leather orthotics, spinal orthosis, shoe modifications and partial foot orthotics. 

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    Prosthetics at Advanced O&P Solutions

    You can have your patient's prostheses crafted and customized at Advanced O&P Solutions. Our technical specialists fabricate lower extremity prosthetics, upper extremity prosthetics and partial foot prosthetics. 

"Advanced O&P Solutions provided a great product for me in a very short period of time. I couldn't be happier and would definitely recommend them!"

- Jonah Wilson (Milwuakee, WI)

"Since beginning sending you work a few months back I have been both impressed with the quality of work, but also the attention to detail and quality control"

- Jason, CO (Missouri)

Forms, Articles & FAQs

Take a look at all the fabrication forms we offer, read entries from our blog or take a tour of our awesome facility.

Fabrication Forms & Standards

Advanced O&P Solutions makes it easy for you to request the orthosis or prosthesis your patient needs. Fill them out online, or print them off and fax or email them to us. 

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